Located in California, CCRS is one of California's leading legal debt recovery services. CCRS has helped recover millions of dollars in lost finances for portfolio investors, healthcare providers, financial organizations, and other legal firms. CCRS' leading edge recovery technology and professional staff have proven that when you trust CCRS for recovering lost finances, they exceed your expectations.Fully compliant with all regulations, specifically FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), CCRS works with consumers using the highest standards of ethics, compliance, and internal operations. CCRS is more effective and efficient in recovering past due accounts because their methods are designed to educate.


With over 35 years of experience, CCRS has been collecting delinquent accounts on behalf of their clients with great success in pre-judgment consumer, commercial and post judgment collections. CCRS offers a unique insight to collection services that range from account reconciliation to debt collection through litigation. CCRS can tailor a package that will have the right services needed to fulfill your needs specific to your accounts placed with them. With their professional staff in their offices they can meet the needs of any client’s volume of accounts placed in their office.


  • 24-hour online access to your accounts
  • Their unique collection efforts will be tailored specifically to your needs
  • CCRS is bonded and uses only bonded collection attorneys for your protection
  • Collectors have access to data from CCRS's trade groups and credit networks
  • Through their access to the credit bureaus they can negatively mark the consumers personal Credit Bureau Report as a delinquent account placed for collections. With this same access they monitor their activity to determine the best resource to recoup your money.
  • CCRS has a 45% recovery rate on claims.
  • Even better, most of the claims are collected without having to use an attorney. This saves their clients thousands in up-front costs and collection fees.