No two situations are the same, each account is evaluated individually to determine the best course of action to recovering your money. Pursuing debtors can prove to be time consuming, difficult, and costly. Difference in laws, procedures, limitation period, and timescale can all add to the pain of the experience. CCRS provides a liaison service for creditors before a judgment is rendered. CCRS also pursues defendants after a judgment has been granted by the court.

  • A background and asset search will be done against the defendant prior to the commencement of any decisions on how to recover the debt. Some of what that search will include is an official company search, individual address search, credit search, asset search, professional licenses and employment search, and if defendant has a spouse the same search will be completed on the spouse as well. The information gathered from the searches will be used to build the structure for the recovery process.
  • The next course of action is to issue a formal letter of demand and to serve the final statement to the debtor.
  • CCRS will exhaust all options in attempting to contact the defendant and attempt to negotiate their obligation before recommending legal action.
  • CCRS will give the debtor an opportunity to negotiate a resolution to their obligation in a voluntary manner. CCRS will negotiate the amount and method of settlement on behalf of the creditor with the creditor’s directive.
  • If CCRS cannot recover the debt on a voluntary manner than legal action will be recommended if the defendant meets the criteria for a lawsuit.
  • Choice of procedure:
      a) Small Claims ($5,000 or below)
      b) California Civil Court


CCRS is a leading legal recovery service, specializing in the recovery of California Court Judgments and Sister-State Judgments. Providing full services for attorneys and plaintiffs in the specialized fields of debtor asset searches and seizures, skip tracing, and difficult service of process. Every scenario is different.Utilizing state of the art technology and proven methods to ensure their clients' money is recovered. Even the sneakiest defendants cannot escape their searching or hide levy-able assets from them. Post-judgment services include:

  • Enforcement of Judgments (including Sister-State Judgments)
  • Domestic, Commercial, and Personal collections
  • Identify and locate hidden and falsely transferred assets
  • Skip-Tracing, which may include face to face visits with the consumer.


Pre-Collect Payment Demand Service

Pre-Collect Service accounts are sent two payment request letters within a 10-day period. Letters can be tailored to your parameters and they can request payment to be sent directly to you. If there is no payment within the 10 days, and you have not withdrawn the account, then CCRS’s pre-litigation department will proceed with immediate collection action at their contingent rates.

Immediate Collection

Choose this service if your customer is no longer communicating with you, or you are concerned that the customer will skip. Immediate Collection accounts are recorded and a demand for payment is affected by a collector within 24 hours of placement.

California NSFCheck Service

CCRS sends out a demand letter by certified mail to your customer citing the applicable civil codes. If there is no direct payment after a thirty-day period, CCRS will proceed forward with collecting the amount of the check and the maximum damage amount under California Civil Code 1719.

Referralto Attorney

When necessary, CCRS will refer your claims to a bonded collections Attorney. CCRS will then monitor the legal progress and report to you. Actual litigation is initiated only when authorized and after using a unique formula to determine the best recourse to recoup your money.

Customer SkipTracing

To maximize recovery, CCRS’s employees are trained in locating consumers and businesses after they have skipped out. CCRS utilizes many internal and external exclusive resources including private investigators, to locate customers.

Full Service Agency Representation

To maximize recovery, CCRS offers a full-service representation package. Hiring CCRS to service all your delinquent accounts will allow their trained court representatives to appear and represent you in court.